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If you don't have a pool heater, the next best thing is a solar pool cover. Solar pool covers are great for the environment because they save heat and energy by reducing evaporation and nighttime heat loss. You can also use automatic pool covers to enhance your pool heater and make the daily covering simple and easy to use. Did you know that simply by covering your pool with a solar pool cover, you are using the single most effective way of reducing your pool heating costs? A solar pool cover acts as a vapor barrier for indoor pools and outdoor pools and dramatically cuts heat loss by evaporation. You can compare not having a pool cover to heating your home while keeping your windows and doors open during the wintertime.



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Traditional in ground pool covers are a ridiculous concept because you are basically losing heat and money not upgrading to solar powered covers. Well, the same goes for your pool. If you do not cover your pool with a solar pool cover, you are basically losing heat and money! Heating systems work best when they are used in conjunction with solar pools covers. Outdoor pools get their heat from the sun by absorbing about 75 per cent to 85 per cent of solar energy hitting the surface of the pool. Solar pool covers help trap in that heat and reduce heat loss through evaporation. Swimming poo deck solar light posts to help illuminate wood decks with LED solar lighting.


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Indoor pools aren't as susceptible to seasonal elements that outdoor pools are and may not require swimming pool solar covers, but they still lose the same amount of energy from evaporation. Indoor pools cause a lot of humidity in the surrounding air; therefore the presence of evaporation is evident. That is why you need to have the proper ventilation installed to decrease the amount of humidity in the indoor pool facility. The most standard pool cover available is the thermal bubble cover. Thermal bubble covers are very light and designed to float on the pool's surface. Usually, they are only used in the spring and the fall when the temperature in the air and the temperature in the pool tend to be greatly different.


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This type of solar cover raises the pool temperature about 20 degrees Fahrenheit when used consistently for a five days. There are also vinyl solar pool covers available. Vinyl covers are made out of a heavier material and have a longer shelf life than bubble covers do. You can also get vinyl covers with a think layer of insulation put in between the outer layers of vinyl. An above ground pool cover offer a significant amount of energy savings by helping to conserve water reduction, reducing the amount of chemical consumption, and also reducing the amount of time spent cleaning dirt and debris from the pool.



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The fact is that solar pool covers are both good for your pool and for the environment. They lower energy consumption and energy bills while simultaneously increasing the heat of your pool. Solar pool covers also keep debris and dirt out of your pool, making them not only energy efficient but cleaning tools as well. Solar pool covers ensure a cleaner, warmer and enjoyable pool.



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